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About ‘The Fabric of Time’

Many years ago a man named Grady Hawkins, the cabinet maker who designed and built the cabinets in my home, gave me some very wise advice. Grady was a very knowledgeable man in the Word of God. We had many conversations about God and the Gospel of Christ. I learned many good and heart felt lessons about the reality of God in Grady’s life experience.

One day Grady was talking to me about my two young sons, they were 4 and 6 years old at the time. Grady asked me if I would like his advice on how to instill the desire for my sons to be influenced by the scriptures; how to instill in them the seed to read the bible. I said I would appreciate his advice. Grady said this to me, “Write out fully 5 of your favorite scriptures with the chapter and verse on 3 by 5 cards for each of your sons. Then place these scripture cards near their beds. Then at night when spending time with your boys before they go to sleep, as part of your conversation, read a different 3 by 5 card. Then each night they will experience the scriptures with the chapter and verse”.

Grady said, that from hearing the Word of God in this manner my sons would eventually remember these verses. These verses then would be a reference point for them to start reading the bible. I wrote “The Fabric of Time” with this advice in mind. I placed scripture verses along side the song verses and wrote this song as a personal witness of Christ. It is my hope that new believers, and those that are looking and want to believe, will be encouraged by this song in their walk with Christ. Also, I hope this song will be to parents, for their children, as good as the advice Grady Hawkins gave to me many years ago as my sons have now grown to be men.

Jesus Christ is with faith working through love the “Message of Truth” (Ephesians 1:13 NAS).

Sincerely In Christ, Bob Fuhrman

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